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Along KwaZulu-Natal’s North coastline lies one of Sheffield Bay’s most exquisite hidden property gem. Montcalm Oceanside Estate is a secure exclusive boutique piece of land that only hand-picked investors know about. Offering unprecedented views of the Indian Ocean, as well as endless hills of untouched cane fields and forestry, this charming land offers those select few an elite opportunity to indulge in the best of relaxed coastal living. 

Living in Sheffield has always been sweet, as the area is known for its long history in the
sugar industry. The name for the area was given in honour of Sir Leige Hulett, a sugar
magnate and philanthropist who was born in Sheffield, England.

Sheffield was maintained as the Hulett Family’s farming portfolio until the late 60’s where
Dr Edward Rubenstein purchased it. Dr Rubenstein headed the Glen Anil Development
Corporation/Investments, however Glen Anil hit bankruptcy, and the land was soon bought
back into the Hulett family.

Thereafter the land has been used for sugar cane farming. As you journey through Umhlali
and other parts of the North Coast you will see the vast amounts of sugar cane fields, and
soon become more aware of how relevant this 19th Century history is.



The North Coast was home to one of South Africa’s biggest Zulu leaders in the 1800’s,
King Shaka. King Shaka and his army of fearless foot soldiers were known for engaging
in highly effective hand-to-hand combat. During his reign as the Zulu empire, King Shaka
had settlements and military camps constructed within Shakaskraal and Umhlali. His final
resting royal settlement was within KwaDukuza where a maze of 7000 huts encircled his
enormous regal dwelling. King Shaka shaped the Zulu and the North Coast history and
his legacy is remembered and honoured in many facets within this area, specifically in the
naming of the King Shaka International Airport.

The North Coast is rich in South African culture. These cultural attractions include the
charming village known as Shakaskraal, that once was the base for King Shaka’s Royal
Military. As you explore the history of this region you will soon discover the Luthuli Museum
in Groutville, which is another significant homage dedicated to South Africa’s first Nobel
Peace Prize winner and one of the top South African Struggle Leaders, Chief Albert Luthuli.
The KwaDukuza Museum, also known as the Natal North Coast Museum, gives visitors a
comprehensive look into how Stanger was established and how it has evolved over time.


Weaver birds, otherwise known as Ploceidae or Weaver Finches, can be
seen around the Sheffield area. These small and brightly coloured birds
get their name because of their elaborately woven nests, which are the
most spectacular of any birds’. These birds are the artisan extraordinaire
of the bird world. It is generally the males who do the weaving, to
advertise their skill and quality to potential mates. Weavers do not
migrate, and often nest in colonial groups. Their sound is not musical,
instead they are harsh repeated chirps, and you will find them noisily
buzzing and displaying around their communal nesting.



Can you imagine having the seaside right on your doorstep?  Whether you enjoy the views from the comfort of your own home or whisk over to the beach to take pleasure in it in person, Montcalm Oceanside Estate indulges residents in the ultimate luxury beach life.


This picture-perfect land brags in having the best ski fishing area in South Africa as its ‘back garden’. While it may have a strong coastal pull, Montcalm Oceanside Estate also has endless slopes of sugar cane and boasts a green belt of forest enveloping the prized piece of land. Nature lovers will be delighted to find the beautiful birdlife and nature trails close by.


Residents are free to stroll the shoreline, delight in casting a line out, absorb the peaceful serenity from the crashing waves, enjoy watching the sun rise and set in all its glory, or simply adventure through the estates forest and bird watch. This secluded estate is within close proximity to local preparatory schools, Christmas Bay and Sheffield Bay beaches, Tiffany’s Mall and some of the best golf courses KwaZulu-Natal has to offer.

Growing naturally along the coast of the sunny parts of Natal, the Natal Dune
Vygies can be found most commonly on dunes along beaches. This plant
species is distinctive through its triangular shaped leaves and the pinkish
purple flowers, and can be found especially within Montcalm Oceanside
Estate. The leaves from this plant helps alleviate the sting from blue-bottles,
and is often used where you have been stung.


Not many people know of the unspoilt wonders Sheffield Bay has to offer. Located on the very tip of the Northern side of the Dolphin Coast, this opulent spot is KwaZulu-Natal’s best kept secret. Home to untouched land and undisturbed beaches, it’s recommended that new town residents warm up to locals to discover where the spots are for first-class snorkelling,
fishing and surfing.

Sheffield Bay is a step away from the hustle and bustle of neighbouring North Coast towns
like Salt Rock, Ballito and Umhlanga. These nearby towns are a lot busier, with new malls
and restaurants popping up at every turn, as well as overcrowded beaches and fishing spots.
Sheffield Bay is a ‘hush-hush’ location, a discreet playground for the few that know of it. This
location is ideal for separating yourself from the crowd, and enjoying a tranquil lifestyle, while
still being close enough to local amenities.



Soak up the warm KwaZulu-Natal weather at two of the finest, most secluded and quietest beaches around. Sheffeild Bay beach is a quiet, small-town beach that is home to the few families and locals from around the area. Just a stone’s throw away from Montcalm Oceanside Estate, you’ll enjoy the rock pools, the sights of the sea, fishing and chilling along the clean rich caramel sandy beach.

Just a bit further up from Sheffield Bay beach is Christmas Bay beach, one of the closely guarded treasures of the North Coast. Known for being one of the very few beaches that doesn’t suffer from over crowdedness, Christmas Bay beach lets you truly take in the beautiful sun kissed shores and peaceful surroundings.

Offering a path that’s less travelled, these calming beaches welcome visitors to make memories and enjoy the relaxing postcard setting. These beaches are ideal spots for spear fishing, picking mussels, crayfishing and snorkelling. If you are looking for an activity a lot less involved, the sandy shorelines are a perfect spot to walk along, or spread out your towels and picnic blankets on.

Montcalm Oceanside Estate is the quintessence of seaside living. It is a safe and secure estate, where you can fall asleep to the serene sound of the undulating waves and wake up to stunning ocean views. At any given time, residents have the luxury of frequenting the beach easily and effortlessly; as the beach is a stone’s throw away from the estate.
Equally just as stunning is the green belt of forest, the rolling hills of untouched sugar cane fields and distant views of the surrounds of Durban that wrap around this prized boutique estate.
Residents are not only spoilt with the sights and sounds around them, but can make use of the facilities on offer. Surf-skis and surf boards can be docked at the gatehouse for easy access, and residents can make full use of the communal beach showers. A 4-seater golf cart, which will be used to transport residents to and from the beach, is in the plans for 2017.


Humpback whales have a distinctive body shape, with long pectoral fins and knobbly
head. They range at 36000kg and 12 – 16 meters when they are adults. Humpback
whales leave their feeding grounds in Antarctica to migrate to the warmer East coast
waters of South Africa and Mozambique where they arrive in May. Humpback whale
season peaks around June/July as they head North, and then again in September/
October when they head back South. The route these whales take starts along the
South of Cape Town from around Hermanus and extends to Durban St Lucia.
During these times of the year, the humpback whales are often seen just beyond the
breakers, breaching the water and also blowing water upwards as they take in air.



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